The Lodge has a supply of angling equipment for those traveling without their own gear.


Atlantic Salmon – Pending coastal ice conditions, a normal year has the salmon run beginning to enter Hunt River during the first several weeks week of July. By mid-July the river hosts a healthy run of salmon ranging from 3 to 30+ pounds. River canoes with outboard engines are the primary transportation while traveling to and from the pools. These river canoes are stationed along the river and are short 5-10 minute walks to the next set of canoes to access the upper stretches of the river. Angling is both wade fishing and from a river canoe.

Arctic Char – Char typically begin entering Hunt River and surrounding rivers during the third week of July. Angling in both the river and tidal estuary for char can prove very exciting. While spinning tackle is the obvious choice for success in the estuary and lakes, the river is fly-fishing only for all species. We encourage fly-fishing for char in all locations using small #12 - #20 flies for the ultimate technical angling achievement.

Sea-Run Trout – An abundance of 1-5 pound sea-run trout populate the river as well, providing for additional spectacular angling. A Hunt River Grand Slam would be to hook and release all three species in one day.

Hunt River is gently flowing with periodic slides and riffles that hold salmon. It is the ideal river to introduce children of all ages to fly fishing